Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future

Band: The Bird and the Bee
Album: Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future
Best song: I'm kind of a sucker for tributes to, say, David Lee Roth ("Diamond Dave"). The title (?) track, "Ray Gun" is pretty nice, albeit a cheap Cardigans ripoff in some ways. "Birthday" sounds album like an Asian pop song, in a good way. "Fanfare" is awesome.
Worst song: "My Love" is just OK.

OK, so I've been swamped at work the last couple of weeks, so to keep on a normal publishing schedule, I've written something of a review. It's in haiku form. Double haiku, actually.

Voice is supple
Keyboards get tired quick
Lots of hand claps.

Los Angeles smells
This album shines despite
Derivative sound.